Upgrades to Pure and Research Online

Pure and the Research Online portal will undergo a major upgrade from Monday 23rd September 2019. Pure will be unavailable to users until 2nd October 2019; Research Online will remain accessible during this period. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

The upgraded system will bring the following benefits to users:

  • Pure system now fully supported and maintained with upgrades and new functionality available each month
  • Cloud hosted system provides reliability and scalability
  • Improved functionality and new Pure portal with clean, modern user interface
  • Access Pure directly on and off campus without the need for VPN or remote desktop
  • Access for all academic staff
  • Improved data quality and integration with other University systems
  • New REF and awards management functionality coming soon

For enquiries regarding the upgrade or system downtime please contact librarysystems@gcu.ac.uk

For urgent enquiries relating to REF eligible outputs please contact repository@gcu.ac.uk

edShare update: embeddable HTML5 player

edShare@GCU, the University’s educational resources repository, has now been updated to include an embeddable HTML5 player for all video and audio content. An example record can be accessed via this link: https://edshare.gcu.ac.uk/873/.

This means that instead of embedding a specific derivative, staff will now be able to embed an HTML5 player which selects the correct derivative to play depending on what browser or device is being used. To facilitate this update the abstract page for video and audio files has changed, specifically the tabs located under the player. The system now generates three tabs for each file. Continue reading

Text to find a free PC

Find it difficult to locate a PC during peaktime? The good news is, there are now two easy ways that you can check. Click on Computer Usage to find a free PC or use the new text service by texting 07527 245 172 with the word COMPUTER as the first word of the message. Add a number to indicate the number of hours that you are looking for a workstation for (if you do not enter a number then the system will look to set you up for one hour). You can also add a building if you prefer to work in a specific area, using any of the words from this list:

>Hamish or Wood
>George or Moore
>Govan or Mbeki or Health
>Charles or Oakley

A text will then be sent back, telling you where you can find a PC. This service is available between 8am and 6pm, Monday to Friday.

Eduroam now available

Glasgow Caledonian University is an Eduroam site.  Our classification is as a “Home and Visited” site. This means that visitors to GCU can authenticate their laptops through their own institution, as long as it is an Eduroam site. This will give the visitor Internet access. Conversely, any GCU staff member who visits another institution will be able to authenticate their laptop back to GCU from the ‘visited’ institution. Instructions are available on our Information Services web page.

Using the internet when on placement

If GCU students turn up at a GG&C library with their matric cards, whilst they are on placement (they must be on NHS GG&C placement and be able to prove it if challenged eg give ward details), read the terms and conditions and sign in, they will be logged onto a computer by a member of library staff. They won’t be able to print or downlaod (even onto a USB stick) but they can access email and email stuff to themselves and access any Blackboard. When they’ve finished they will have to tell a member of staff who will note the time, so that staff can monitor access. You still won’t be able to borrow books and this is a temporary measure, but the idea is eventually that all students on NHS placements will be issued with temporary logins by IT.