Technical issue [ProQuest ebooks]

**This issue is now resolved: please note that you may need to delete your browser’s cookies and cache in order for platform access to be restored**

We are currently experiencing access issues with ebooks hosted on the ProQuest/Ebook Central platform.

This issue is currently being investigated by the vendor and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.



Web of Science scheduled maintenance/ upgrade

Please be advised that Web of Science (WoS) is undergoing scheduled maintenance from 1.00 pm on Saturday 21 April until 1.00 am on Sunday 22 April.

Access to the service may be intermittent during this time. Clarivate Analytics apologise for any inconvenience as a result.

During the maintenance period there will also be an upgrade of WoS. A summary of the new features can be found at the following:

As ever, please feel free to contact your librarian for assistance in making the best possible use of WoS and the Library’s range of electronic resources.

Downloading from British Standards Online

We’re currently encountering difficulty downloading British Standards via the Firefox browser.  The following action is recommended as BSOL seek to remedy the issue:

  • Click on the standard number from the search results.  This navigates to the item’s bibliographic data.


  • Click on Download PDF.


  • You will then get the option to open or save the file:


Internet Explorer and Google Chrome are the recommended browsers for accessing BSOL.  The above steps, however, allow standards to be downloaded with Firefox at this time.


Problem when exporting from Discover to RefWorks

There is a current known problem when exporting references from Discover to Refworks from off-campus. We are aware of this and our suppliers have identified a solution. It has been given the highest priority with our suppliers and we hope that it will be resolved very soon. The problem is only affecting the export function from off-campus; on-campus use of the function is fine.

There is a very simple workaround for this problem while we await the fix from our suppliers.  If you would like to try it, please follow these simple steps:

  • From the page with your exported references (currently showing with the erroneous tagged format), save these references by choosing File_Save As…, naming your file appropriately and choosing Text File (*.txt) and saving it to your chosen location.
  • Open up a Refworks session.
  • Choose the Import option from the menu on the bottom right of the screen.  A new window will open, choose Browse to find your file and then click Import.
  • Your references will now be displayed as normal for you to manage.

We apologise for this temporary problem and for the current inconvenience.

Having trouble linking in to the full text of journal articles and eBooks?

People have been having trouble linking in to the full text of journal articles and eBooks. The quick and easy solution to this problem is to close explorer, and use firefox browser instead. Don’t use the desktop icon to start Firefox, use the start menu. 

  • Move your cursor to the start icon at the bottom left of your screen (in the labs this is a round icon).
  • Click the icon and the start menu will appear.
  • On some computers, firefox will be on the list of programs, double click on it to start.
  • In some labs, you need to start firefox by typing firefox in the run box on the start menu at the foot of the screen. The icon will then appear above the box, double click it to run the program.