Information literacy and the draft CfE Science Outcomes

Holy Rood High School

The Science department and Leraning Resource Centre Manager ‘unpacked’ a draft Science learning outcome:

SCN235BB states:  ‘Through research and discussion I have an appreciation of the contribution that individuals are making to scientific discovery and invention and the impact this has on society’    

Using a template provided by the Science QIO for CfE concentrating particularly on the project’s relevance to the 4 capacities of Curriculum for Excellence (CfE), its links to cross cutting themes and other Learning Outcomes the successful completion of the project satisfied.  Learning-outcome-unpacked 

It was decided that nine 50-minute lessons would see the pupils learning information handling skills from note-taking to internet searching the culmination of which would be a presentation to the rest of the class of an 8-slide long Power Point Presentation on a modern day scientist.

For background information and contact details see holy-rood-lts-case-study 



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