dates for taught sessions 2017/18

Many thanks to those who have been in touch wanting to know the dates of the 6 taught class sessions for the blended version of the PgC (the other 6 sessions are online and you have 7-10days flexibility to undertake the activities).  I fully understand that you need this for planning time away from your current practice so delighted to share these dates with you.  They are as follows and all on Thursdays

Tri A Dates:  12/10/17, 9/11/17 and 14/12/17 (plus three online classes in Sept, Oct and Nov)

Tri B Dates: 8/2/18, 8/3/18 and 12/4/18 (plus three online classes in Jan, Feb and March)

For those of you who are looking at the part time option then the educational theory module is taught from 9-1pm and for those who are planning on a fulltime option (if you are working fulltime please contact me to discuss this option) the educational practice module is taught from 2-4pm.  Happy to reply to questions posted on the Blog too. Best wishes helen

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