Welcome to the 2019 PgC Education in Academic and Practice Settings (PgC EAPS) Admissions BLOG

Hello! Helen here, the PgC EAPS programme leader. If you are reading this you have successfully accessed the programme admissions BLOG.

This is the third year of the PgC EAPS admissions Blog.  Feedback from previous and current students tell me this is a great resource to find out about the programme structure, programme activities, access application forms, gather information about all the things you need to submit along with your application form, plus read student reviews and see photos from class.

Sp simply scroll back (click on ‘older posts’) to read about the programme. I have had some interest already about the programme so thought I would post the first 2019 message.  Hope to hear from you soon and we start processing application forms from March onwards. You can access an application form from this site by scrolling through to Spring 2018.

Hopefully hear from you soon. Best wishes


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