Sept 2019-June 2021 class is the last time the PgC EAPS will run

Some information for you and / or your sponsor.

The 2019 intake to the PgC Education in academic and practice settings (PgC EAPS) will be the last intake for this programme. This is due to the discontinuation of the NMC teacher award in 2020, a history of low student numbers (usually less than 20 students) accessing the PgC EAPS programme and university developments that include programme rationalisation. Therefore, if you have any colleagues who wish to undertake/managers who wish to sponsor (financially support) staff to undertake the teacher preparation programme, please can you alert them that the September 2019 programme (completing in 2021) will be the last opportunity to do so.  We are still receiving and processing applications and can still accommodate additional numbers.

So spread the word around your colleagues and managers. I am happy to take any questions at 0141 3321 8333

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