Decisions about programme numbers – please read

Hello all

just to say that decisions will be made in early August regarding the programme.  Whilst many of you have already accepted your offers which is great, a few of you still have to do this and some of you still have conditional offers. Plus I know a few of you are still applying.  Its great to see the interest in the programme but decisions are made around the numbers who have actually accepted an unconditional place. I know it is difficult at holiday time to chase references etc but I urge you to get all your evidence in asap and once you get your unconditional offer please accept asap.  This way when the programme numbers are scrutinised early August that we have enough applicants with unconditional offers to run a viable programme (sufficient numbers).

If you have submitted evidence to and still not had a reply etc please contact me to help you chase this up.  Best wishes helen

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