Hons level equivalency

Good we have a class of 9 students so far and applications still coming in.

Hons level equivalency is for applicants who do not have an honours degree/or any completed masters modules

Hons level equivalencyHere is the guidance if you are completing this.  Simply open a new word document and follow the guidance to develop your CV and supporting statement that explains your development from completing your first degree to your current position. Please attach this to your application and send together to admissions here at GCU. helen

class dates 2019/20

This PgC is a blended programme which means for each module there are 6 face to face class sessions and 6 online sessions held over one academic year and two trimesters.  The modules are created this way to support full time clinicians and full time students engage with educational theory in a meaningful way. The blended approach is one of the aspects of the programme that students ask to remain the same, as those undertaking part -time study can manage the days to attend class in tandem with their demanding roles in practice.

The taught face to face sessions are held on Thursdays.  For year 1 students this is 9-1pm  and year 2 students 2-4pm and the dates are:

tri A

26/9/19, 7/11/19 and 5/12/19

tri B

13/2/20, 12/3/20 and 9/4/20

If you feel there is any information missing from the Blog to help you re course information etc please email me at H.Gough@gcu.a.c.uk

Application form

Good to have so many notes of interest about the programme from a range of health and social care professionals.  The September 2019 class is shaping up well so far, and it will be great to welcome you all in person.  Admissions  here at GCU (amissions@gcu.ac.uk.) will now process all your forms and additional documents such as copies of qualifications, references etc. So please do not send me your completed application and evidence. Instead, please email me once you have sent your application to admissions so I can look out for your name and add it to my list.  Meantime here is a link to the online application form and the fee details for September 2019. Each PgC module is a masters level 30 point module so please x2 the 15 point credit module to see the module cost depending on your fee status (home, UK, EU, International student)

Best wishes helen




Group work that simulates educational practice

Last week in class the PgC EAPS part-time year one students developed assessment strategies that drew on the principles of assessment (photos of presentations below). This simulated activity provided an opportunity for students to engage with educational theory and apply it to educational practice. All four groups defended their assessment methods in relation to constructive alignment, validity and reliability. Good job all round.

Starting to process the latest applications to the programme. Here is what is required to support every application :

  • One academic and one professional reference (on headed notepaper and signed)
  • Copies of academic and professional qualifications such as degree/honours qualifications and any masters modules you have completed
  • Your statement of entry from NMC/HCPC/SSSC that indicates current registration
  • A completed honours level equivalency if you do not hold an honours degree or M level modules (I will attach guidance if required)
  • Your personal statement supporting application for this particular programme (so your teaching as a professional and why this programme will enhance your professional practice)

Please email your attachments to   admissions@gcu.ac.uk. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Are you a Nurse? Do you want NMC teacher recorded in your NMC statement of entry?

Our PgC EAPS programme that commences in September 2019 will be the last opportunity for those of you who are nurses you to secure NMC teacher recognition. The NMC have stopped approving nurse-teacher preparation programmes so the recordable qualification of NMC teacher will end across the UK when the new NMC educational standards require to be in place. I know many of you who are nurse registrants and who wish this NMC qualification have been in touch and are keen to apply to secure this before it ends.

The programme still has HEA Fellow until 2021/22 so for those of you who are allied health professions and social workers (as well as nurses) you will secure Fellowship status on successful completion of the programme.

I look forward to hearing from you.  Best wishes helen

Welcome to the 2019 PgC Education in Academic and Practice Settings (PgC EAPS) Admissions BLOG

Hello! Helen here, the PgC EAPS programme leader. If you are reading this you have successfully accessed the programme admissions BLOG.

This is the third year of the PgC EAPS admissions Blog.  Feedback from previous and current students tell me this is a great resource to find out about the programme structure, programme activities, access application forms, gather information about all the things you need to submit along with your application form, plus read student reviews and see photos from class.

Sp simply scroll back (click on ‘older posts’) to read about the programme. I have had some interest already about the programme so thought I would post the first 2019 message.  Hope to hear from you soon and we start processing application forms from March onwards. You can access an application form from this site by scrolling through to Spring 2018.

Hopefully hear from you soon. Best wishes



Some of you have been sent another induction timetable from a member of staff not connected to the PgC EAPS.  Please disregard and follow the one here on the Blog.  I am not sure why you have been sent this and am investigating this now. A few of you are not attached to the year 1 module ‘The theory of teaching, learning and assessment’ and instead have been attached to the year 2 module.  Currently the administrative staff are processing results from the assessment boards as a priority, so please have patience and you will be attached to the correct module soon. For those of you who  are NMC registrants, please bring your NMC PIN number and NI number as you will need these to complete a NES indexing form at induction.  See you soon helen

Having difficulty with registering for the programme?

A couple of you have been in touch re issues with registering on-line.  Apologies for this as registration is very busy at the moment but I do grasp the frustration.  If you are in the city and plan to come up to the university then go to the Campus Life Desk on level 1 of the George Moore Building (building 3 on the diagram).  Hopefully you will get help and registered asap.  I have added the link to the building map for those of you not familiar with the building names here at GCU.  https://www.gcu.ac.uk/theuniversity/howtofindus/campusmap/



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