Starting to process the latest applications to the programme. Here is what is required to support every application :

  • One academic and one professional reference (on headed notepaper and signed)
  • Copies of academic and professional qualifications such as degree/honours qualifications and any masters modules you have completed
  • Your statement of entry from NMC/HCPC/SSSC that indicates current registration
  • A completed honours level equivalency if you do not hold an honours degree or M level modules (I will attach guidance if required)
  • Your personal statement supporting application for this particular programme (so your teaching as a professional and why this programme will enhance your professional practice)

Please email your attachments to Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Are you a Nurse? Do you want NMC teacher recorded in your NMC statement of entry?

Our PgC EAPS programme that commences in September 2019 will be the last opportunity for those of you who are nurses you to secure NMC teacher recognition. The NMC have stopped approving nurse-teacher preparation programmes so the recordable qualification of NMC teacher will end across the UK when the new NMC educational standards require to be in place. I know many of you who are nurse registrants and who wish this NMC qualification have been in touch and are keen to apply to secure this before it ends.

The programme still has HEA Fellow until 2021/22 so for those of you who are allied health professions and social workers (as well as nurses) you will secure Fellowship status on successful completion of the programme.

I look forward to hearing from you.  Best wishes helen

Welcome to the 2019 PgC Education in Academic and Practice Settings (PgC EAPS) Admissions BLOG

Hello! Helen here, the PgC EAPS programme leader. If you are reading this you have successfully accessed the programme admissions BLOG.

This is the third year of the PgC EAPS admissions Blog.  Feedback from previous and current students tell me this is a great resource to find out about the programme structure, programme activities, access application forms, gather information about all the things you need to submit along with your application form, plus read student reviews and see photos from class.

Sp simply scroll back (click on ‘older posts’) to read about the programme. I have had some interest already about the programme so thought I would post the first 2019 message.  Hope to hear from you soon and we start processing application forms from March onwards. You can access an application form from this site by scrolling through to Spring 2018.

Hopefully hear from you soon. Best wishes



Some of you have been sent another induction timetable from a member of staff not connected to the PgC EAPS.  Please disregard and follow the one here on the Blog.  I am not sure why you have been sent this and am investigating this now. A few of you are not attached to the year 1 module ‘The theory of teaching, learning and assessment’ and instead have been attached to the year 2 module.  Currently the administrative staff are processing results from the assessment boards as a priority, so please have patience and you will be attached to the correct module soon. For those of you who  are NMC registrants, please bring your NMC PIN number and NI number as you will need these to complete a NES indexing form at induction.  See you soon helen

Having difficulty with registering for the programme?

A couple of you have been in touch re issues with registering on-line.  Apologies for this as registration is very busy at the moment but I do grasp the frustration.  If you are in the city and plan to come up to the university then go to the Campus Life Desk on level 1 of the George Moore Building (building 3 on the diagram).  Hopefully you will get help and registered asap.  I have added the link to the building map for those of you not familiar with the building names here at GCU.



Small Map

Research underpins the programme

As healthcare professional undertaking the PgC EAPS you are preparing to enter the ‘profession of teaching’.  This is considered a secondary profession for you as your first or ‘primary’ profession is nursing, radiography, podiatry or paramedic practice etc.  Consequently the programme introduces you to an new evidence base.  This new evidence base is around pedagogy, or the theory and practice of teaching.  Theoretical concepts drawn from education theory along with educational research, underpins the PgC EAPS.  As part of my doctoral studies, this year I presented at the WHO conference in Cairns, Australia.  My doctoral work (and poster) focuses on those of us who teach nurses (and other health professionals) to become teachers.  So really the ‘teachers of teachers’.  Some of the material I have sourced for my study, plus the early findings  will be used in class in both year 1 and 2. By undertaking the PgC EAPS you are entering a secondary profession that currently is accredited by the NMC (NMC teacher) and Higher Education Academy HEA Fellowship  (now HE-Advance). These professional /regulatory organisations have developed outcomes for their awards and it is these outcomes that direct the programme theory and practice.  We look forward to supporting you on your journey to become teachers.

Induction 17th September 2018

I am looking forward to meeting you all at induction very soon. It is important you attend the sessions which are key for university orientation and PG study.  On this day you can sort out registration issues and access your student matriculation card.  As soon as you are offered a place then please accept as this triggers to registration processes.  This is a blended module so it is very important that you can access the online material prior to induction and you can only do so by accepting and registering.  If you are an on-line student at a distance then I will have made contact with you. So far I have made 16 unconditional offers and four of you are registered which is a great start. A few of you are sitting with conditional offers until you submit all your evidence and hopefully that will come soon.  I have placed a copy of the induction timetable below for you to view.  I look forward to meeting you all very soon.  Best wishes helen

Postgraduate Nursing Induction

Programmes:     Master of Public Health

                                PgD Advanced Practice in District Nursing (FT & PT)

                                PgD Specialist Community Public Health Nursing (FT & PT)

                                PgC Education in Academic and Practice Settings (FT & PT)

Induction Activity 17/09/2018
Generic Induction in C001
What is Postgraduate Study? 11.00-12.00 in A426F
Principal’s Address 12.00-13.00 in Saltire Centre
Lunch 13.00-14.00
Programme Overview 14.00-15.00 (various Rooms for different programmes see below)


A523 – PgD Advanced Practice in District Nursing (FT & PT)

A527 – Master of Public Health

A426 – PgD Specialist Community Public Health Nursing (FT & PT)

A527A – PgC Education in Academic and Practice Settings

Library Session (Kirsten McCormick)

LDC Session (Kim McWilliams)

15.00-15.30 in C001

15.30-16.00 in C001


Hello all

I am currently off on AL but please continue to send in your applications and supporting evidence and these will be processed asap. Remember too to accept your Unconditional Offer as this triggers the registration process and key information for commencing the programme. Great to hear from you all over the summer and it has been a busy time. For those of you new to the BLOG please scroll back to access key information about applying (required evidence to support your application), class dates and online attendance.  Plus lots of comments from current and past students too.  Looking forward to seeing you all next month and we are hoping for a class of around 18+ students. There is still time to apply and we have places so you can share this with your colleagues too.  You can email me too at if you have a question that is not answered via the Blog information.  Bye for now helen

Change to induction date!!


since I returned from abroad there has been a change made to the Induction date for the School of health and life sciences.  Induction will now take place on Monday 17th September from 9-4pm.  For those of you who have accepted offers, your timetable that includes induction, will be sent to you in the next few weeks.  I have returned to processing applications and updating admissions with offers as you send in your references, copies of qualifications etc.  More updates to follow so please visit the Blog over the next few weeks as information becomes available.  Best wishes helen

Accepting your Unconditional offer

Please remember to accept your unconditional offer asap.  The programme numbers are counted this way and its how we show the programme is viable (got enough students).  For those of you with conditional offers please submit your evidence when you can to and cc me in.  When I return from work/leave trip on 27 July I can process any outstanding offers. Best wishes