Research impact and journal quality

January 23, 2015

There are a number of measures used for journal quality, article impact and assessing your personal research output.

You may find lists of quality journals designated by experts in particular fields.  For example, the Association of Business Schools (ABS) publishes a guide on journal quality which uses citation data, peer review and expert opinion to provide a list of academic journal titles for management and business researchers.   Thomson Reuters publishes annual Journal Citation Reports (JCR) which provide impact factors and quality rankings for academic journals.  The library provides access to the current JCR Social Sciences and JCR Science editions (log in with your Domain username and password).

Altmetric provide article level metrics to researchers.  They collect data on citations within social media sites, government papers and newspapers as alternative counts to the academic data in JCR mentioned above.  There is a free bookmarklet for researchers.

In 1995, Jorge E. Hirsch proposed the H-index as a measure of the output of individual researchers.  This is still used widely within academia (and you will find many articles discussing it).  Google Scholar provides H-index measures for articles and scholars.  See their metrics pages for details.  You can also find or calculate your own H-index using Journal Citation Reports or Google Scholar.

The academic librarians are here to support you in your research and can offer tailored workshops for groups or one-to-one support.  Please contact us if you want to follow up on anything or if you want to arrange an appointment.  See our contact details.


HIRSCH, J. E., 2005. An index to Quantify an Individual’s Scientific Research Output. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences,  102(46) pp. 16569-16572.

New Library fine system

January 22, 2015

We’re introducing a new fines system to reduce the financial burden on our Library users, and improve the availability of our books.

As of 26 January 2015, we’re reducing the fines charged on all overdue material.

Books and 7 day loan DVDs DAILY CHARGE
Fine Charged £0.20 per day
Maximum Fine per Item £3
Time to Reach Maximum Fine per Item 15 days


Netbooks, AV Equipment, 24 hour DVDs & Software Discs for staff HOURLY CHARGE
Fine Charged £0.20 per hour
Maximum Fine per Item £5
Time to Reach Maximum Fine per Item 25 hours


Full details of changes to your borrowing privileges are available at the Library Desk.

Book and fines amnesty

January 9, 2015

From 12th January to 25th January 2015 the Library is having a fines amnesty.

Students returning overdue books during this period will have their fines waived. This is in preparation for our new fines system which will come in to operation week commencing 26th January 2015.

Further information on the new fines system will be advertised in due course.

Festive Feedback Campaign

December 11, 2014

The library is running a feedback campaign throughout December.

If you could ask for one thing to make the Library work better for you, what would you ask for?

Please fill in one of our Christmas bauble shaped feedback forms, and hang it on our Christmas tree on level 1 of the Saltire Centre. Baubles are available at the Christmas tree, or at the Library Desk.

We look forward to reading your comments!

Additional quiet study rooms

December 11, 2014

The following study rooms are available in the Hamish Wood building from Monday 15th till Friday 19th December 2014.

W119 , W308, W428A, W429, W702, W803 , W829.

In addition, the following rooms are available Monday 5th till Friday 16th January.





Monday 09:00 17:00 W225, W313, W401 ,W402, W402a, W428, W428a, W702, W802
Tuesday 09:00 17:00 W225, W313, W401, W402, W402a, W428, W428a, W702, W802, W829
Wednesday 09:00 17:00 W225, W313, W428, W428a, W429, W702, W708, W803, W823, W829
Thursday 09:00 17:00 W225, W313, W401, W402a, W428, W428a, W702, W802, W823, W829
Friday 09:00 17:00 W313, W401, W402a, W428a, W502, W702, W802, W829

Please note there will be no additional quiet study rooms at weekends, or between the 19th December 2014 and the 5th January 2015.

Library Notebook Notice

December 4, 2014

Please note all Library Notebooks must be returned by Thursday 18th December 2014 for annual inspection and maintenance.

They will not be available for issue again until 5th January 2015.

For any further information, please contact The Library Desk.

Library opening hours over the Christmas break

December 1, 2014

The library will have extended opening hours over the winter examination period and the Christmas break. The table below details when the library is open and when The Library Desk is staffed.



Building opens

Library desk opens

Library desk closes

Building closes

1 Dec – 5 Dec 6am 9am 8pm midnight
6 Dec – 7 Dec 6am 10am 6pm midnight
8 Dec – 12 Dec 24 hour opening 9am 8pm 24 hour opening
13 Dec – 14 Dec 24 hour opening 10am 6pm 24 hour opening
15 Dec – 19 Dec 24 hour opening 9am 8pm 24 hour opening
20 Dec – 21 Dec 24 hour opening 10am 6pm 24 hour opening
22 Dec 6am 9am 8pm midnight
23 Dec 6am 9am 4:45pm midnight
24 Dec – 26 Dec closed closed closed closed
27 Dec – 30 Dec 6am 10am 4pm midnight
31 Dec 10am 10am 4pm 4pm
1 Jan closed closed closed closed
2 Jan 6am 10am 4pm midnight
3 Jan – 4 Jan 6am 10am 6pm midnight
5 Jan – 9 Jan 24 hour opening 9am 8pm 24 hour opening
10 Jan – 11 Jan 24 hour opening 10am 6pm 24 hour opening

Web of Science planned downtime

November 25, 2014

Please be advised that Web of Science will undergo scheduled maintenance on Saturday December 13 2014, to release new search functionality in the Web of Science version 5.16 release. During this time, access may be intermittent.

Thomson Reuters apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Resolved: Technical issue []

November 20, 2014

***Access to has now been restored***

Due to problems outwith our control, access to is temporarily unavailable. We are working to resolve this issue as soon as we can. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Resolved:Technical issue [Keynote]

November 13, 2014

***Access to Keynote has now been restored***

Due to problems outwith our control, access to Keynote is temporarily unavailable. We are working to resolve this issue as soon as we can.