Study spaces/Unattended belongings removal

Study space in the library is in high demand.

Please don’t leave personal belongings to reserve a space in the Library.

Not only do you risk having your belongings stolen you are also depriving your fellow students of the opportunity to use a much-needed study space.

Following consultation with the Students’ Association, and after a poll on the topic – from Monday 23rd March 2015 library staff will implement a policy of removing unattended belongings to make PCs and study space available for other people to use.

The PCs in the Library will also auto log-off after periods of inactivity, and any PC which isn’t logged on will be made available for use by another person.

Do not leave your work station and belongings unattended at any time. Removed property can be collected from the Campus Security Office.

Library helps to raise £15,000 for charity

As part of the Library’s regular review of stock, we strive to ethically  disposal of any withdrawn material. We are pleased to note that through the online sale of our withdrawn books between 1st February & 31st October 2014, our charity partners, The Book Rescuers, raised almost £15,000 for the African Children’s Educational Trust (A-CET).

The trust supports the education of African children through provision of scholarships and the upgrading of community elementary rural schools.

@ASKGCU on Twitter

@ASKGCU Has finally arrived! A one stop shop, for any enquiries that need answering.  Expect a response within half a day at the latest.  We hope to provide a wide range of information on various aspects of life at the university.

Haud yer wheesht!

In response to student feedback Level 4 of the Library has been transformed into a haven of quiet study and is now a silent study zone. There are individual study desks lining the wall or for those who prefer to spread out a large boardroom style table. The existing PCs have been moved to other floors so no study space is lost. We are always interested in student feedback – please use the Your Views service or ask for a form at The Base on Level 0, Saltire Centre.